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Perfect Motors

You know that moment...when the car becomes your very own. It may be the moment

you start the car for the first time...your first spin around the block...the thrill of
controlling the car, or perhaps it is the moment you give the car full reign and let it
control you...
With Perfect Motors, that moment is now closer than ever.
Perfect Motors specializes in cars and motorcycles that were self-imported to
Israel, Europe, and the US. The company is qualified to
provide the full range of solutions necessary for self import, including:

Custom-suited to the client’s needs, enabling savings of up to 40%.

Vehicle inspection reports to ensure the car’s proper functioning.

Preparation of import documents, issuance of importers’ service warranties,
sea/air shipping, and customs release at the destination port.

Full coverage of the bureaucratic and operational procedures in the destination country, including vehicle registration as required by law.

Delivery of the vehicle to the customer’s home – fueled and ready to drive.

So go your passion.